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"No more cold weather, time to enjoy spring!"

Spring is here only for a short season, so make it a priority to get some walks in, get the kids and pets out for some family fun, and take in all the beauty the Southern Appalachian Mountains have to offer.

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The Crossroad of Past and Present

Part I

by Melissa Detto

Jenna breathed deeply, her nostrils filling with the sweet spring scents entering the open car windows. But her mood remained sour. “Still no service,” she said, gripping the steering wheel tighter and nodding to her phone.

Her aunt Margaret, a petite woman who wore her reddish-gold hair in a short bob, curved her lips up. “Try to relax, dear.”

Floatplane Fun
Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge

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Southern Appalachia is Rich in Local Brews

by Katrina M. Randall

Much like Southern Appalachia is rich in scenic sites, quaint towns, and culture, it has over the years become home to a number of craft beers and breweries. As BlueRidgeOutdoors.com noted, in Southern Appalachia, “craft beer has become as ubiquitous as singletrack.”

There are much too many to list, so we checked in with Beer Advocate’s top rated beers to name a few of the regional favorites.

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