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From brews to wine, Southern Appalachia is a region rich in beverage culture that is as diverse as it is palatable. Whether visiting a winery, distillery, or brewery, mountain spirits play a significant role in the region's agriculture, history, and enjoyment of life.

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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is an abundance of history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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Moonshine in a Modern World
Wine Country in Appalachia

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Moonshining in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

by Katrina M. Randall

Southern Appalachia’s moonshining history is storied. Old timers can talk back on the days when their grandaddies were distilling in the back rooms of businesses and under the noses of the law. Today, however, it’s perfectly legal and a growing industry in the region, sparking a new generation of moonshine that can be distilled with variety and finesse. Those fond of moonshine now have options, so when visiting the tri-state region of Southern Appalachia, or when you just get a knackering for the hard stuff, here’s a selection of distilleries to visit:

Southern Appalachia is Rich in Local Brews

by Katrina M. Randall

Much like Southern Appalachia is rich in scenic sites, quaint towns, and culture, it has over the years become home to a number of craft beers and breweries. As noted, in Southern Appalachia, “craft beer has become as ubiquitous as singletrack.”

There are much too many to list, so we checked in with Beer Advocate’s top rated beers to name a few of the regional favorites.

Southern Appalachia Reclaims Wine Country

by Katrina M. Randall

In the 2012 song, Appalachian Wine by EleventySeven, Father Time falls in love with Mother Earth all because of Appalachian wine. While it’s certain Southern Appalachia wine wasn’t the spark that created civilization, winemakers today are re-establishing the region as a verifiable wine country.

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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is much history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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The Crossroad of Past and Present II

by Melissa Detto

"Wow!" Jenna ran her hands through her long, blonde hair. She blew out a breath of air and looked down at the churning water, which was tinged with purple hues from the sun’s climb down the sky.

“I feel nauseous.” Jenna turned her head, her eyes taking in the crowded balcony of the restaurant that overlooked the river below. She smiled at a girl who was begging her parents to take her tubing. A second later, her lips turned down when she thought about her aunt’s revelation only moments before, a revelation that had changed her life.