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Live, laugh, eat!

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Food isn't just necessary, the very act of eating with people creates society, while a shared love of new tastes creates connectedness. From farms and locally sourced goods to dishes rooted in mountain heritage, Southern Appalachia offers options to delight the foodie and the critic.


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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is an abundance of history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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Buying Local and Fresh in Southern Appalachia

by Katrina M. Randall

Historically, agriculture has played a central role in Southern Appalachia, and farming is still a part of the cultural makeup of the people and the land. For those not in the farming business, fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, honey, sorghum, herbs, baked goods, jams, herbal soaps, native plants, and sweets are all locally-sourced goods easily found at farmers markets. Luckily, Southern Appalachia has an abundance.

From the Pond to the Table

by Katrina M. Randall

In Southern Appalachia, where mountain streams run cold with trout, fishing is a popular pastime during the region’s long warm season. But there’s no need to head out into the wilds of the mountains, there are plenty of trout farms that allow people to fish the day away while providing on-site services for cleaning, and sometimes cooking, the fish when you’re done.

Southern Appalachian Food Staples

by Katrina M. Randall

While Southern Appalachia is plentiful in crops like cotton, tobacco, and corn, each state celebrates a variety of foods that are particularly special to their respective regions.

Georgia, for instance, has long been hailed as the peach state. While it’s ranked third in production, it’s actually the quality of the fruit that makes Georgia’s peaches so well known. The magic is in the Georgia heat.

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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is much history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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The Crossroad of Past and Present II

by Melissa Detto

"Wow!" Jenna ran her hands through her long, blonde hair. She blew out a breath of air and looked down at the churning water, which was tinged with purple hues from the sun’s climb down the sky.

“I feel nauseous.” Jenna turned her head, her eyes taking in the crowded balcony of the restaurant that overlooked the river below. She smiled at a girl who was begging her parents to take her tubing. A second later, her lips turned down when she thought about her aunt’s revelation only moments before, a revelation that had changed her life.