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Life is better outside!

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One of the best things about the Southern Appalachian region is the beauty of the outdoors. Whether trekking trails with stunning views, paddling down a river, picnicking by a scenic lake, or taking a day of fishing, the region offers something for every level of adventurer.

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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is an abundance of history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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Spring Tips for the Trail

Bears and Food

Proper Storage While Camping

by Maranda Stone

Proper food storage during camping, no matter what time of the year, is important for keeping food safe from a number of different creatures. Food storage options can differ depending on where you are camping. But whether you set up your tent or camper in the backcountry or a state park campground, being knowledgeable about proper food storage is a must.

Dangerous Wildlife

Preparing for Encounters on the Trail

by Maranda Stone

Just like people, the wildlife of the Appalachian Mountains become more active in the spring. Black bears, for instance, begin to venture out in search of berries and beehives. It’s also the time of year when rattlesnakes begin to slither out of their holes and warm themselves on sunny rocks and patches of the trail. Hikers should always take dangerous wildlife encounters into account when planning for a spring day trek.

Unpredictable Weather

Spring Hikes Tips and Tricks

by Maranda Stone

Springtime in Appalachia is one of the most popular times of the year for hiking and outdoor activities. The warmer weather brings with it more options and more opportunities for getting outside. However, spring is also the time of year when the weather is the most unpredictable, especially in higher elevations. One day it can be 70 degrees and sunny, and the next day it’s in the lower 40s with clouds looming above.

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Living and vacationing in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience. There is much history, culture, adventure, places to see, and many things to do.

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The Crossroad of Past and Present II

by Melissa Detto

"Wow!" Jenna ran her hands through her long, blonde hair. She blew out a breath of air and looked down at the churning water, which was tinged with purple hues from the sun’s climb down the sky.

“I feel nauseous.” Jenna turned her head, her eyes taking in the crowded balcony of the restaurant that overlooked the river below. She smiled at a girl who was begging her parents to take her tubing. A second later, her lips turned down when she thought about her aunt’s revelation only moments before, a revelation that had changed her life.