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Outdoor Kitchens & Herb Gardens

Apr   01

Embracing Outdoor Living in Appalachia Katrina M. Randall Every spring, Marcie Culpepper’s outdoor kitchen calls to her. Surrounded by the mountains in a region where moderate temps are enjoyed three out of four seasons, outdoor kitchens in Southern Appalachia provide the nature lover and passionate cook a way to truly embrace outdoor living. Of course, no outdoor kitchen is complete without a nearby herb garden to harvest from while cooking. Culpepper, the owner of M read more

Hamilton Gardens at Lake Chatuge

Apr   01

A Community Passion Elizabeth Man Each season brings forth its own beauty, but for Hamilton Gardens, located in Hiawassee, Georgia, it is in summer when the miraculous takes place. By mid-May everything is in bloom. From the native azaleas to the large collection of rhododendrons, colors and scents abound. “The blossoms are what really bring the garden to life. It’s really beyond description,” said Grace Howard, president of Hamilton Gardens. When words fail for desc read more

Learning & Growing

Apr   01

The Sustainable Agriculture Movement Elizabeth Mann Growing up on a dairy farm, Jillian Wolf remembers the hum of milk pumps, the softness of the fur behind their cows’ ears, and her grandmother serving fresh eggs, piles of juicy sliced beef, sweet garden vegetables, and fresh picked berries in thick cream for breakfast. Even though her mother wanted nothing to do with farming upon moving to Los Angeles in Wolf’s teen years, Wolf always knew she wanted to be a farmer.  read more

Wild Hogs

Apr   01

Preying on Southern Appalachia Katrina M. Randall High up on the mountaintop areas of the Roan Highlands exist grassy balds that are globally rare and critically imperiled. Considered the most prolific large animal in North America, the wild hog running rampant through Southern Appalachia puts these balds and fragile eco-communities even more at risk. Sometimes referred to as wild boar or feral hog, the wild hog has been tearing through Great Smoky Mountains National  read more

Turkey Meets Cake at Montefino’s Baking Contest

Apr   01

Samantha Sopher For Melissa Roberts, owner of Melissa’s Custom Cakes & Goodies in Blairsville, Georgia, it was exciting just to enter Montefino’s first baking contest this past November. So winning was just the icing on the cake. A cake designed to look like a turkey Thanksgiving dinner to be exact. The “main course” was an apple spice cake with maple mousse filling and cream cheese icing. The smaller details came in fondant carrots and peas and cake crouton stuf read more

Spring Fling

Apr   01

Your Fashion Wrap-Up for the Season Elizabeth Anguelo As the drab gray of winter melts away, spring brings a burst of color to the year. The season gives way to crisp mornings, budding leaves, and sunny afternoons. Spring fashion reflects all the vibrancy of the season, allowing fashion lovers a way to express their personality through their wardrobe. This spring's trending fashion can be summed up in two words: soft and comfortable. Floral patterns will play a big r read more

The Crossroad of Past and Present Part I

Apr   01

Melissa Detto Jenna breathed deeply, her nostrils filling with the sweet spring scents entering the open car windows. But her mood remained sour. “Still no service,” she said, gripping the steering wheel tighter and nodding to her phone. Her aunt Margaret, a petite woman who wore her reddish-gold hair in a short bob, curved her lips up. “Try to relax, dear.” “How can I relax? We’re on the wrong road. We were supposed…” She stopped talking and sighed. Her hea read more

Moonshine in a Modern World

Apr   01

Kelley Ross Moonshine. The word undoubtedly paints colorful images of backcountry hillbillies and Prohibition mobsters. Today, however, distilling has become a celebrated art. How did America turn a word once used to describe illegally brewed liquor into the subject of countless museums, tourist traps, and stylish taste testings? The answer is a fascinating mix of violent historical rebellions to humanity's undying love for a good, stiff drink. Moonshine has evolved from read more

Bow Hunting in Appalachia

Apr   01

Not for the Faint of Heart Samantha Sopher The bow hunter must be nimble, quiet, and shoot with precision in close range to take the intended target down. While most hunters share the experience of spending cool mornings surrounded by the trees and a love of the hunt, the hard work and dedication of a bow hunter is not something that all hunters have in common. Because hunting in the mountains requires climbing hills and trekking up steep slopes, bow hunting in the mounta read more

Towns County Lights Up Christmas at the Fairgrounds

Nov   28

Katrina M. Randall When visitors step onto the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds in Hiawassee this holiday season, they will find themselves awash in the color and illumination of the inaugural Mountain Country Christmas in Lights. In this small pocket of Southern Appalachia beside Lake Chatuge, the fairgrounds will be lit with a festive air never seen quite this way before when twinkling lights take dominion and Christmas reigns supreme. Amidst schedules of the many even read more

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