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Navigating Southern Appalachia’s FBOs and Nearby Adventures

Sep 27

Navigating Southern Appalachia’s FBOs and Nearby Adventures

Kelley Ross


While your plane is grounded and undergoing any inspection, refueling, or maintenance it might need, why not take advantage of the day and explore the local area? As you prepare for your next trip flying through the Southern Appalachian Mountains, keep in mind that amazing adventures are waiting just outside the gates of your FBO airport. Here are four highly sought-after ways to make the most of your downtime near some of the finest FBOs in the South:

Blairsville Airport, Georgia

The Blairsville Airport (KDZJ) recently had a massive runway overhaul totaling more than $3 million. In 2006, 31 new hangars were built for the airport and accessibility was improved. FBO services include auto rental, plane maintenance and tie-down, telephone access, and 100LL fuel and jet-A fuel. Tour the Countryside on Horseback in Blairsville What better way to spend a Saturday than riding horseback through the Georgia wilderness on the lookout for wildlife and natural wonders? Trackrock Stables provides one of the best tours in Blairsville, according to If you would rather explore on your own two feet, the stables boast miles of hiking trails, geocaching, picnic pavilions, swimming, fishing, and much more.

Western Carolina Regional Airport, North Carolina

The Western Carolina Regional Airport (KRHP) offers multiple companies through which flyers can book a private charter jet or helicopter. Full service FBO is provided. Tie-down and aircraft parking are offered, along with 100LL, jet-A, and jet-A1+ fuel service. The runway and taxiway were recently changed with weight improvements and upgrades. While Away the Day Shopping in Murphy In the nearby town of Murphy, North Carolina, shopping is popular for both locals and tourists. One shop in particular, Blue Moon Elise, is well-reviewed for excellent customer service and health-conscious marketing. Suffering from stress, tension, bad eating habits, or even dry skin? You can book a complimentary appointment with the owner, Rachel Elise, or just stop by her store for information on yoga classes and healthy habit forming. Take time out for a little personal maintenance while the local FBO does your aircraft maintenance.

Pickens County Airport, Georgia

The Pickens County Airport (KJZP) is located north of the Atlanta Class B airspace and boasts easy access to Atlanta. For refueling, 100LL and jet-A are offered, and extras such as flight instruction and aircraft rental areas are also available. Aircraft storage, tie-down service, and minor repairs can also be found here. Catch a Laugh in Jasper For a charming way to spend the evening near this airport, head to the Tater Patch Community Theater in Jasper, Georgia, and catch one of the five annual shows. The theater itself is a quaint little old-fashioned building with room for 100 patrons, and the shows are said to be “spirited” and have lots of personality. This year's performances are to include “The Savannah Sipping Society” and “You Can't Take it With You,” so be sure not to miss this local favorite if you are looking for things to do in Jasper.

Macon County Airport, North Carolina

Macon County Airport (K1A5) is located in the Iotla Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Charter service, flight instruction, and aircraft rental are all offered. Tie-down and hangar storage are available, along with grade 100LL and jet-A fuel. Hunt for Treasure in Franklin Since the 1800s, the nearby Mason's Mine has been a local source of rubies and sapphires and was even prospected for gems by the American Mining and Prospecting Company of New York. Step into the old-fashioned world of hand-sifting for gems and discover a family-friendly, educational way to spend your day in Franklin. To read about the different programs, hiking trails, and historical artifacts Mason's Mine has to offer, use the link.

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