Interesting People

Mike Kiernan - Building Businesses, Community & Brotherly Bonds

Dec   08

Mike Kiernan: Building Businesses, Community & Brotherly Bonds By Katrina M. Randall Mike Kiernan: Building Businesses, Community & Brotherly Bonds by Katrina M. Randall When Mike Kiernan was about 14 years old, he helped his father and older brother put up his first pre-fabricated building at a naval shipyard in Charleston, North Carolina. Kiernan’s father, John, worked for the building company, and over the years, Kiernan and his brother, Pat Kiernan, help read more

The Crossroad of Past & Present: Part IV

Dec   08

The Crossroad of Past & Present: Part IV by Melissa Detto The Crossroad of Past & Present: Part IV By Melissa Detto Jenna felt as if her world had taken a sharp turn when she’d entered this town. She stared at the thick green rug beneath her feet. In a shaky voice, she asked, “So the man my aunt and I spoke to earlier, the man who called me Lo, is my uncle?” “Yes. He and your father were very close. I suspect he knew more about Lo than he ever let on,” Betty read more

Turkey Meets Cake at Montefino’s Baking Contest

Apr   01

Samantha Sopher For Melissa Roberts, owner of Melissa’s Custom Cakes & Goodies in Blairsville, Georgia, it was exciting just to enter Montefino’s first baking contest this past November. So winning was just the icing on the cake. A cake designed to look like a turkey Thanksgiving dinner to be exact. The “main course” was an apple spice cake with maple mousse filling and cream cheese icing. The smaller details came in fondant carrots and peas and cake crouton stuf read more

A Wood Carver's Journey

Nov   28

Elizabeth Mann Carving begins with a vision, and for Dave Carter, his mountain home in Blairsville, Georgia, is a constant source of inspiration. From his home porch, he can watch as black bears, deer, and other animals meander through the woods. He may come across a knobby stump or a fallen limb and visualize what it could become. He patiently chips away the wood until his creation is revealed to others. Carter’s journey as a carver started with a small hand-carved  read more

Lamar Paris

Sep   18

A Man With a Passion for Community Katrina M. Randall Even in the midst of pursuing his love of photography, Lamar Paris is focused on community. In fact, he’s a man with many interests, of which include golfing, flying, kayaking, University of Georgia football, and traveling. But Georgia’s Union County sole commissioner rarely has the time to pursue all of them. Instead, much of his time is spent attending events, working on the next community project, or posting to Face read more

Habitat for Humanity

Sep   18

Giving New Homes to Deserving People Megan Parry When lifelong Blairsville resident Michelle Seay moved into her brand new house off Murphy Highway in Blairsville, Georgia, with her daughter, Anna, and two grandchildren, nine-month-old Allyson and three-year-old Adalynn, this past June, the oldest of the two was thrilled with having her own room to decorate. Seay is the most recent Habitat for Humanity homeowner in Blairsville. Potential homeowners are chosen after th read more

Scuba Diving Journeys

Jul   01

From Seas to Mountain Lakes Elizabeth Mann Being in the water is like a second home to Arthur McCann. He likes how water gives him the ability to suspend himself at any depth and feel a sense of control in an environment where there seems to be none. The master scuba diving trainer has accumulated more than 700-recorded dives to his name from when he started in 1997. The first time McCann went diving, he felt instantly at ease. “My ears were focused on the r read more

Writing With Creative Abandon in the Mountains

Jul   01

Megan Parry If the idea of spending afternoons writing a novel in a third story loft on a mountaintop house a few miles outside of Blairsville, Georgia, sounds like a dreamy paradise, it’s because it is exactly that. Or at least novelist Nancy Carter thinks so. That’s why she lives here. But the Southern Appalachians isn’t where Carter’s story begins. She was born and raised in the mountains of Martinsville, West Virginia, and spent twenty years in Jacksonville, Flo read more

A Fly Fishing Way of Life

Jul   01

Samantha Sopher For John Hollifield, fly fishing is an escape. As an avid fisherman from North Carolina, the sport isn’t just a hobby, it’s his way of life. He began fly fishing with his dad at eight years old and can vividly remember holding tight to his father’s vest while wading beside him so he didn’t get swept away by the current. “Most weekends would find us afield together, pursuing either wild trout or ruffled grouse in the streams and forests arou read more

Powerlifting Principal

Apr   01

Cassidy Horn Principal John Hill starts everyday to the tune of his alarm going off at 4:45 a.m. He drinks his coffee and then hits the treadmill for 45 minutes before eating his breakfast of egg whites, oats, and almond butter. The students at Union County High School know their principal takes his health seriously, but few know just how seriously. Benching 540 pounds, squatting 660 pounds, and deadlifting 635 pounds, Hill’s muscular build isn’t for show. Hill start read more